10 reasons to run

10 reasons to Run & Why running is healthy

As we all know, having strong health requires constant exercise, time outdoors, healthy eating, and undergoing medical tests and controls. Running lovers and followers know this well since they carry out these activities with a single purpose: to go running. When you hire our personal trainer Miami we recommend adding cardio to your routine and one of the exercises we suggest is running. Below are the 10 reasons to run everyone should know.


10 reasons Why running is healthy

If you are observant, you will have seen that more and more people choose to go running in town or in the city. Among other causes, this is due to the benefits that this sport offers. Additionally, it is a great way to become involved in your community. Our personal trainer Fort Lauderdale always argues that cardio days are great because you get to see the city thriving.

If you are also thinking of going for a run and you have not just taken the step, then we bring you 10 reasons why you should put on your running shoes and start right away. Let’s start!



  1. Healthy life

First of all, starting to run will allow you to start a healthy life. Although the first days may be difficult, little by little you will increase your rhythms and you will verify that your body requests daily sports practice. This is also why having a personal trainer in Miami can help, as you can have someone that motivates you to actually go out and start running.



  1. Improves circulation

One of the reasons many people take up running is its cardiovascular benefits. Thus, running moderately for 30 minutes improves circulation and prevents thrombi and other diseases.



  1. Burn calories

Although the physical aspect should not be paramount, the truth is that running is one of the main tools to burn calories and lose weight. For this reason, many dietitians recommend jogging a few minutes a day or start running. Additionally, when you hire a personal trainer in Fort Lauderdale you will get weight workouts that will allow you to lose fat and weight even faster.



  1. It is practiced outdoors

As we have mentioned, enjoying good physical and emotional health means adapting a series of habits to our routine. Among them, running allows you to combine physical sport and outdoor walks. Miami and Fort Lauderdale trainers love seeing new clients in this setting.



  1. Strengthen your legs

Today’s society is sedentary. This implies that the lower joints are not as strong as they should be. Running is a sport that is practiced in constant movement, which allows the muscles and lower joints to strengthen.



  1. it’s free

Unlike other sports, such as Pilates or spinning, which require joining a gym or sports center, running is a sport that can be practiced without help and anywhere. In practical terms, it means that its realization is free and, in addition, adaptable to any place.



  1. Suitable for any environment

When we say that running can be practiced anywhere, this means that it doesn’t matter if you live in the countryside or in the city, in the center or on the outskirts. Any environment has the optimal conditions to welcome runners.


  1. Emotional health

The impact of daily sports practice on mood is more than proven. Thus, playing sports releases hormones such as serotonin or dopamine, known as “happiness hormones”. Its release has a direct positive impact on our mood, making us happier and more upbeat.



  1. Reduces the risk of disease

The physical and emotional benefits affect the chances of suffering from diseases. Among others, practicing about 3 hours of sport weekly reduces the chances of suffering from some types of cancer.



  1. Improves tiredness

The practice of sports allows us to rest in a deep and calm way, which affects our general well-being and helps us to achieve a balance. This and hiring a personal trainer downtown Miami is the perfect balance to actually lose weight and tone.



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