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Best Personal Trainer In Miami

I offer the highest quality of personal training and online coaching with several years of experience.

If you are looking for a trainer who specializes in nutrition and customizes and tailors training programs I am the one for you. I make everything as convenient as possible so it is easier for you to be consistent. The longer you are consistent the more results you will yield.

Miami Personal Trainer

What is Austin Morell Training? Thats a question I get asked a lot. Why are we different from any other personal training company ? The answer is we are not a personal training company. When I first founded Austin Morell Training, I had a vision. I actually wanted to help clients reach their goals and wanted to ensure that that they were happy with their results. I didn’t want to put clients through a good work out and that was it. That wasn’t my goal. Over the years we have helped clients combat health issues, injury rehab alongside all types of fitness goals desired. With a method that has proven to be successful. Where we provide exclusive one on one training, meal prep delivery services, hormone optimization and supplement regiment.


Client 1

Fat Loss: 13Kg/29lbs

Time Frame: 6 Weeks

Plan: 6 week Fat Loss/Shred

Thanks to Austin Morell Training I have felt like myself again. The team is incredible and I am so very grateful for them.

Client 2

Fat Loss: 13Kg/29lbs

Time Frame: 1 Year

Plan: 1 year Muscle Building Program

AMT is definitely the best training experience I have EVER had. The trainers, the meal plan and the training itself is incredibly complete.

Client 3

Fat Loss: 13Kg/29lbs

Time Frame: 12 Weeks

Plan: 12 week Fat Loss/Shred

“I lost weight and gained my confidence back. I have the AMT team to thank for that. “

Client 4

Fat Loss: 12Kg/27lbs

Time Frame: 12 Weeks

Plan: 12 week Fat Loss/Shred

I needed help with toning my body and Austin was incredible at helping me achieve those goals.

Client 40

Fat Loss: 7 kg / 17 lbs

Time Frame: 8 weeks

Plan: 8 week transformation plan

I was impressed by how fast I got the results I wanted

Client 43

Fat Loss: 8 kg / 17 lbs

Time Frame: 6 months

Plan: 6 month program

Client 44

Fat Loss: 11 kg / 25 lbs

Time Frame: 6 months

Plan: 6 month transformation program

Austin and his team are incredible and it shows with the transformations and clients.

Client 45

Fat Loss: 5 kg / 11 lbs

Time Frame: 3 months

Plan: 3 months program

Started Austin’s program for my first competition, wonderful experience

Client 5

Fat Loss: 6Kg/15lbs

Time Frame: 1 year

Plan: 1 year Body Recomposition Program

The attention I have received from Austin and his team is incredible. Customer service is on point and the aid they offer is superb.

Client 6

Fat Loss: 15Kg/34lbs

Time Frame: 12 Weeks

Plan: 12 week Fat Loss/Shred

Thank you Austin for creating a plan that was perfect for me and my needs!

About AMT

What We Do

At Austin Morell Training, we believe in helping you achieve your fitness and health goals. We care about our clients and their health and we created a program where the client is the main priority. Our different trainers are all certified and elite and know how to train you based on your goals and wishes. We offer different types of programs that allow you to be the main decision-maker in this amazing experience.

Who We Train

Austin Morell Training and its trainers have trained every type of person. No matter the limitations or health issues they might have. We believe that everyone deserves to take the reins of their health and our goal is to help them achieve these goals. No matter what fitness level you might be, we accommodate you!

What is Your Experience?

Austin Morell Training has been in service for more than 10 years. In those 10 years, we have had the chance to change the lives of more than 100 people. We have been able to expand too many areas in South Florida and even had the honor to be named the #1 best Personal Training Company in this area.

How is Austin Morell Training Different?

Austin Morell Training is different because we are not just a personal training company. By being client-focused, we make sure that our expert coaching is customized and unique for each client. No client gets the same workout, yet they all get the same undivided attention and care.

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Austin Morell Training Personal Trainers in Miami
Health and fitness

Why Austin Morell Training

Are you tired of cookie-cutter workouts that don’t deliver results? Look no further than Austin Morell Training, the best personal trainers in Miami, FL. With years of experience and a personalized approach to fitness, Austin Morell Training is the perfect

All Training Can Be Done Virtually
We Can Also Come to You at MIAMI BROWARD and BOCA RATON

What Our Clients Says About Us !

Angela Misko
Angela Misko
I worked with Austin to get in shape for my wedding and I ended up going down 3 clothing sizes within a year! Following his workout and meal plans helped me to lose weight, get more toned, get stronger, build confidence, gave me more energy, and in general I felt better (GI issues and skin improved!) I recommend him and I am even considering obtaining his services again because fitness isn’t a destination it’s a journey and if you need help just get it!
mario toro
mario toro
AustinMorellTraining has been a life changing experience for me. After my first week working with the trainer I lost a good amount of weight which gave me a lot of energy i am able to actually play with my children for long periods of time without the feeling of loss of breath or feeling fatigue which is my #1 goal. I definitely bring them up to anyone who asks what I am doing different about my weight. I see myself using them in the future even after my 12 week program is up just because I trust them that much for guidance.
Alexander Grimaldi
Alexander Grimaldi
Everyone has a goal on how they would like their bodies to look or feel. Getting there on the other hand is another story. My fiancé and I tried following YouTube videos and other workout apps, but nothing seemed to work. So we decided to look for a trainer and with great luck we found Austin. After meeting with Austin, he walked us through workouts, eating habits, what to change, what to keep, went through our pantry and fridge, told us what worked and what needed to go in order to achieve our goals. Let’s just say I wasn’t an easy costumer. I ate way tooooo many snacks and he could tell during our workouts. I was definitely stubborn but he worked with me and got me going. His process is very thorough and the reason is because it works. I play rugby and was coming out of a surgical procedure, and he worked me back up to speed and strength. As for my fiancé, he setup different works outs for her and meal plans to help her reach goals. Overall he helped us both reach our goals and for that we are both extremely grateful and happy. Definitely 5 stars in our books.
Lori T.
Lori T.
Kristine is a great trainer! I’ve had the pleasure to work with her for 3 months. She’s was always mixing up the work outs and tailoring them if I had any injuries. Highly recommend her 🙂
If you have a goal in mind Austin will get you there! He’s exceptionally knowledgeable when it comes to exercise, diet and technique. He changes up workouts and has the innate ability to push you to your limits in a safe manner while motivating you at the same time! Highly recommend him to experienced gym goers or beginners and those who want to build muscle or lose fat. My husband and I are the fittest and strongest we’ve ever been in our lives thanks to Austin!
Zhen Hu
Zhen Hu
Austin is professional, doesn’t upsell anything, and gets to the point. I told him my goals, what I was already doing, and how I was going to continue to execute, and he explained to me what he does and how he can help me. I needed to get my blood work done to check my hormone levels, and I needed to change my diet. He himself said I knew what I was doing in the gym (that’s where I met him and he saw me workout) and said I don’t need any help there, but clearly my diet was a mess. We got a on plan right away, delivered the food the next day, and he checks up on me and answers all questions I have. The food is actually very good, and although it’s only been a week or so, I can see and feel a huge difference thanks to his guidance. Will update again in 3 months, but I’m confident Austin will get me where I want to be.
Had the pleasure of having Kristine as my PT she’s the best!! Works at your pace and your level always making sure you leave sweating hard. Prior to my sessions with her I had no experience but now I can say I’m confident enough to do this on my own! She’s the best if you can book her do so!!
Amber Bass
Amber Bass
I was new to South Florida and looking for a new personal trainer. I found Kristine and she is amazing! Not only is she super kind, but she is really knowledgeable and gives me a great workout every session. Highly recommend!
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