7 Days Gym Workout Plan in 2023

Are you looking for a workout plan that will take your fitness to the next level? Look no further. This 7-day gym workout plan is perfect for anyone who wants to build muscle and get in shape.

The exercises are challenging, but they can be modified to fit your personal fitness level. So what are you waiting for? Get started today by calling our founder and CEO at 786-226-7643 or email us at austinmorelltraining (at) gmail.com

Day 1 Workout Plan- Upper body

The first workout we always recommend is to start day one with the Upper body. During this 7-day gym workout plan, we really work on every muscle group and are really able to target all the specific areas you might want to target. Some of the upper body workouts that can be done include push-ups. The best thing about pushups is that they can be modified if needed.

If you need to modify your push do so by adding a band around your waist and placing the band around the pull-up bar. This way most of your weight will stand in the band and you will be able to do a normal push-up easily.

If this is not possible as you don’t have a pull bar, you can also modify the push-up by doing it on your knees and bringing the arms up and down. The key component is to breathe in and out and to remember to contract the abdomen.

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Day 2 Workout Plan- Lower body

For day 2 in the 7-day gym workout plan, we always go and recommend doing squats for the glutes and hip thrusts that can be combined with weights in order to maximize the strength of the workout. Some other good exercises for the lower body include lunges, in which you will always get tired as they can be really good for your legs and calves.

For the back squat, you can add a barbell if you are located in a gym or have the equipment at hand. This is also a great movement for the torso because in order to bend down you need to maintain a rigid torso. If you are looking to isolate your glute and hamstring muscles, a Romanian deadlift is also a great exercise. 

Day 3 Workout Plan- Cardio

Day 3 in the 7-day gym workout plan is a cardio day. It is important for us to understand as trainers that we would never put our clients through a cardio day. The reason for this is that we never would just let you do a workout by yourself and just watch you.

Hence for cardio days, we suggest different types of cards you can do and whenever you see the trainers in person we go ahead and train you with weights.

Some of the cardio we recommend is going running or using the elliptical machine. Some of our clients also have cardio classes that focus only on cardio and not on weight training. 

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Day 4 Workout Plan- Rest

Day 4 is usually a rest day. The rest day can come up at any time of the week, we suggest doing it right in the middle as it gives you as the client the chance to recuperate for the next day.

This 7-day gym workout plan is not set in stone but you can switch it to the days that best work for you. For example, some people prefer to do cardio every day instead of having one day specialized for cardio. Other people decided to mix their cardio with their strength training and both options work just fine. 

Day 5 Workout Plan – Upper body

For our 5th day in the 7-day gym workout plan, we recommend adding an upper-body day. The best recommendation is that one day a week you can focus on the biceps or triceps, and the other day you can focus more on the chest.

Many female clients always tell us why they need to focus on the chest and even though such an emphasis on the chest doesn’t need to happen it is important to keep those muscles strong and in the back.

Some of the exercises we have our clients do for their backs include pull-ups. The pull-ups are an incredible way to get in shape and measure your progress. For some of our clients, we put bands around them to make it easier. 

Day 6 Workout Plan- Lower body legs and glutes

The final day in our 7-day gym workout plan is repeating legs and glutes. You can also focus on a specific muscle and do isolated workouts for that region.

Some of the exercises you can do include bridges and lunges. The brides are important because they can also help track your progress as you can add weights and place them over your pelvic bone. 

If you’re looking for a gym workout plan that is tailored to your specific needs, be sure to consult with a personal trainer like us.  A personal trainer can help you create a fitness plan that will help you achieve your goals in the quickest and most efficient way possible.

Not only have they experienced professionals, but they can also be great motivators! Have you tried working with a personal trainer? If not, now is definitely the time to give it a try. 

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