Exercise routine to lose weight at home for women

Do you want to lose weight and feel better without going to the gym? Do you want to know some exercises to lose weight at home? Apart from having proper nutrition, exercise is one of the most effective methods to lose those extra kilos. With the right physical activity you can burn calories and achieve your goals.

It is true that going to the gym has many advantages, but you can also lose weight without leaving home. To do this, it is necessary to follow a correct exercise routine and above all, be consistent.

Discover an effective exercise routine to lose weight at home for women and enjoy all the benefits it can bring you. Say goodbye to the gym and burn those extra calories.



7 exercises to lose weight and tone up for women


Making time to go to the gym is not always easy, work, children or household chores consume a large part of the day. If you are a multitasking woman but want to lose weight and tone up from home, you can do this series of exercises. Experts recommend exercising at least 30 minutes a day to start getting results.

Before starting, remember that it is important to warm up correctly to reduce the risk of suffering some type of injury and prepare your body to give its maximum during training.

Squats, one of the most popular exercises to lose weight at home
Squats are one of the most common and effective exercises to lose weight at home. One of its main advantages is that you do not need to have any specific sports material or equipment to perform them.


It is a most complete exercise, both to strengthen the legs and the buttocks. To do them you have to stand up with your legs straight, in line with the width of your shoulders.

Then, lower the hip and when you are lowering try to keep the abdomen tight. You must sit as if you have a chair behind you. Repeat this movement in 3 series with 10 repetitions.




This exercise to lose weight at home is one of the most effective, but also one of the most feared, but don’t worry, it’s easier than you think. Place a mat on the floor and lie on your back, you can do them in the traditional way or including legs.


To get a better balance you can place your hands on the head. Avoid placing them at the nape of the neck so as not to force the neck when climbing.



With this type of exercise you will strengthen the buttocks and legs area. Perform the following exercise in 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

Get into a squat position, then place your hands on your waist and step forward with one leg at a 90 degree angle, lowering the other leg to the ground. Return to the starting position and repeat the movement alternating both legs. You can even include a jump between strides.

Also, if your physical condition allows it, you can add small dumbbells to the exercise to raise them above your head and thus work your arms at the same time.


Race in situ, cardio exercises to lose weight at home

Practicing exercise at home does not mean that you cannot work on cardio. Perform 3 series of 20 seconds each with a sprint without leaving the site. You can also bring your knees up to your chest.



Butt lifts

An exercise to tone your buttocks are known as buttock lifts or gluteal bridges. You will notice pain and stiffness in the area, this means that you are doing it the right way.


It consists of lying on the floor on your back, with your hands on both sides of your body and with your knees bent. Raise your buttocks and stay supported on your feet, go back down little by little until you rest on the ground.



Leg lifts: effective exercises to lose weight at home

Strengthen your abdominal muscles, both the buttocks and the posterior thigh muscles, known as the hamstrings. Lie on your back, bend your legs and lift your hips. After this you must raise one leg and alternate with the other, maintaining balance.


The results are excellent and you will begin to notice weight loss in a short time. It is a demanding exercise but, without a doubt, it is worth it.



Push ups

To achieve results in the arms, push-ups are the essential exercise. You work with the force of your own weight and exercise the cardiovascular system. If you are a beginner or have difficulties performing push-ups correctly, you can rest your knees on the ground to help you.



As you have seen, it is not necessary to go to the gym to lose weight. With adequate perseverance, good nutrition and an exercise routine to lose weight at home, you can achieve your goals. With small workouts of at least 30 minutes a day.

In addition, you can count on advice and training online along with an online personal trainer in Miami. In this way, the results will be spectacular because it can help you create a routine according to your needs. Get going and get rid of those extra kilos from home, what are you waiting for?



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