Skin Care Guide (Male & Female) 3 Months



“ Skin Care Guide “ Stop wasting money at the dermatologist when they only give you medications and treatments to mask the problem instead of solving it! I’ve spent thousands of dollars throughout my teenage years and adult years figuring out how to have perfect skin. And, now I have the solution. Every person is different it’s not a magic pill or ointment that can fix it but a variety of things in unison. *How it works* Customer will send me photos of their problem areas. Face, chest, back, etc… I will assess and review their skin type along with what they’re doing on a daily basis. Nutrition, supplements, washes, etc… Then, I will provide you with a treatment. And, a list of things to do to start the process. Following this process you will check in with me every 2 weeks. So, I can re assess the problem area and make sure everything is going as needed. *THIS IS NOT ME PUSHING PRODUCTS OR TREATMENTS THAT I HAVE CREATED OR A 3RD PARTY* NO RETURNS. NO EXCHANGES.