Have you turned 40 and want to improve your fitness? Discover the keys to achieve it

Getting in shape at 40 is possible if healthy habits are acquired based on perseverance, dedication, and willpower. The 40s is the best time to strengthen physical condition, due to the state of maturity in which we find ourselves.

Reached the halfway point of life expectancy, if you have not incorporated good routines, it will become difficult to enjoy middle and old age with health and energy. In this way, being in shape at 40 no longer becomes a purely aesthetic or motivational goal, but is also a preventive and anti-aging health formula.

Is it possible to be in shape after 40?

Quick answer: yes. Just look at the examples of some public figures or retired athletes who continue to maintain an exceptional figure despite the weight of the years.

In women’s cases, they are mostly advised to eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly to change their endocrine level. At this age, some hormonal levels start to decrease because the menopause phase is about the approach. On the other hand, and this is something that affects both sexes, from the age of 30 the lifestyle, in general, becomes more sedentary, and this leads to loss of muscle mass due to lack of stimulation.

The body, which is unable to expend enough energy to reduce or maintain fat levels, tends to retain or increase them. This forces them to reactivate training sessions, take an interest in practicing sports, and assume that the goal is not as easy to achieve as it is at the age of 20 or 25.

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How to get fit at 40

Before we dive into tips for staying fit as you age, it’s interesting to focus on mindset. We must accept and internalize a clear idea: being in shape at 40 is a process that is not easy or quick, but which is rewarded with a much more rewarding state of mind.

Thus, training for those over 40 years of age must be preceded by a series of actions. In the first place, if you have never practiced sports or have given up physical activity for a long time, the ideal would be to set a general objective, a goal to be achieved. It is not so much to achieve certain sports results but to improve general health.

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Medical and sports advice

With that purpose already marked between eyebrows, the next step is to consult a doctor to indicate which the most recommended physical activities are. You can also advise a personal trainer to help establish the most appropriate routine.

A fourth point to consider is to get used to the idea that the results arrive, but are not immediate. The progression in physical improvement is gradual. It is very common at the beginning to feel discomfort after training and for the desire to procrastinate to appear, but this is where willpower and commitment have to come in.

One last aspect to keep in mind is that from the age of 40, and in fact, during any stage of life, physical activity must be accompanied by a balanced diet. Just as it is advisable to contact a personal trainer or training group, it is also advisable to follow the recommendations of a dietitian nutritionist and do exercises that are adapted to your particular needs.

Tips to keep fit

40 years are a magnificent age to recover the passion for the sport. In 2019, a study published in the journal “Frontiers in Physiology” showed that the human body has the same capacity to develop muscle mass at any age, even if it has never been physically active.

There are very effective formulas to answer the question of how to recover muscle mass after 40 in women and add to this objective that of gaining physical resistance and mental capacity. Cardio, strength exercises, and flexibility are the scenarios in which you have to work the most.

Heart-healthy training is the basis of good physical condition

The famous 30 minutes of daily physical activity, or periodic, should be the introduction to training. Only by healthy prescription do you have to subscribe to this practice. With cardio sessions, the body is activated and gains vitality. In addition, it helps reduce stress levels.

You don’t have to leave the house for this, because you can do squats, burpees, pedal a stationary bike, and walk on a treadmill, jump rope … If you prefer to go to a sports center, the options multiply: group running classes, spinning, elliptical or swimming, among other options.

Muscle toning with strength exercises

Cardiovascular exercise helps to gain physical resistance, but it is insufficient on its own to improve physical fitness. With age, muscle mass decreases and this is one of the main changes associated with loss of functional capacity.

As you lose strength and muscle, everyday tasks become more and more of an effort. It is especially after 50 years of life that this phenomenon occurs most. To avoid this, the solution is through strength training, with weights or with your own body weight.

Improve Flexibility

The last group of exercises to be interested in are those aimed at improving flexibility. Yoga is the star in this section since its practice helps the muscles to remain elastic while they are strengthened.

The alternatives go through Pilates or tai-chi, which also allow the body to recover part of its elasticity.

There are no magic formulas to get in shape at 40, but there are effective solutions. Everything happens by combining physical activity with good eating and lifestyle habits, a good rest, and a lot of willpower.

Additionally getting a personal trainer in Boca Raton like Jesse would benefit people trying to stay fit because it allows for a trained professional to keep track of your progress and help you achieve those results you want.

Getting -or staying in shape beyond 40- basically translates into being realistic and setting goals that are up to the circumstances of each one and ensuring that the factors that influence your day-to-day are well aligned:






Add yours…

If you succeed, you will have many points to come to fruition.


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