How to get rid of fat rolls

Starting to work out for a specific reason is always good, however, it is important to not get discouraged when you realize that muscles and where to lose your fat cannot be targeted. As a personal trainers, we encourage a good workout and nutrition plan that allows you to overall lose weight and tone the muscles you want to tone.


Having a personal trainer that can understand your diet and your needs and goals is the best way to stay motivated and really lose the extra pounds.


Understanding how to get rid of fat rolls and how a personal trainer can help you understand your body and thus improve your fat rolls and other areas you might one to improve on, is the way to really lose weight and invest in yourself.


Implementation of a low calorie diet


Working out is not the only necessary step for clients to lose weight, it actually acts as a supplement to the diet. Everything starts with what the person is intaking and how many calories they are burning. In a normal day one burns calories by resting and other activities, in order to loose fat one must start burning more than their intaking.


Having a personal trainer that guides you in what you eat by giving you a complete food plan and additionally tell you what supplements are good for your body really acts as a perfect combination to lose the weight.



Understand that you can’t target one area to loose fat in


Many clients come to us with the idea that they want to lose their belly fat, their rolls, or the fat in their legs. The most important lesson we teach them is that it is impossible to just target one area of our body to lose fat in, if we could training would be much easier.


However what we do teach out clients and the way that we train them in order for them to change their mentality is that you lose fat overall. Some people might argue that they want to maintain the fat in their glutes, and that is why we incorporate heavy weight exercises to strengthen key muscles, and loose fat overall.



Incorporating HIIT workouts and cardio


There is no easy way to achieve the perfect body, but there are ways to get there in an efficient way and having a personal trainer that knows what workouts to combine and one that gives you the correct diet is really the best way to go. Our suggestion is always that the best way to lose fat rolls and other type of extra fat is to have a balanced diet.


Apart from the diet which ends up being the most important part at the end of the day, it is good to incorporate HITT workouts and cardio workouts or classes. As a trainer we would never just watch you run in the treadmill, however we do suggest you take a day or two of the week and include cardio in your routine. Some of the most fun cardio workouts include speed walking, running, spinning or boxing classes. Additionally what we do include in our workouts is HIIT routines where our goal is to increase your heart rate which allows you to burn calories faster and easier.



Avoiding alcohol and very sugary food


It always happens, our trainer sets up a detailed nutrition plan but the weekend comes and our clients decide to indulge in alcohol, sweet and fried foods. This is where the responsibility of the clients comes in. As a trainer we cannot control everything you eat or do during the times that you are not with us. This is why it is really important to be communicative.


We do not believe in exclusive diets and plans that you will uphold for a month but not for a life time. What we do believe in is having a balanced diet that you can include in you routine. We help you set that diet plan and a few drinks or cheat meals here and there won’t hurt because all in life is about balance.


However it is about understanding where you want to be in your goals and if your desire is to lose weight and fat, then you need to be mindful of the drinks you intake and the extra unnecessary food you are ingesting that may counter interact with the training your trainers sets up for you.




Include protein and cut carbohydrates


Everything in excess in bad and that includes taking away or adding food groups to your diet. Limiting and cutting does not mean never taking them, it means knowing at what times and when to consume your carbohydrates. It is about learning to read the labels and nutrition facts in the processed food that you intake and make sure that you are not letting your body have too much cholesterol or bad fats that can eventually affect not only the way you look but the way you feel also.



Choose a personal trainer that knows you

Not everyone is a perfect match. Not all trainers will make you want to continue eating healthy and stick to your routine. Matching with a personal trainer is the same as matching with your primary doctor, you need someone that understands you and makes you feel comfortable.


Sometimes you might need a harsh trainer that will wake you up in the early morning and acts as your personal drill sergeant, other times you need a more laid back trainer because you already have lost the weight you needed to lose.


Most importantly take advantage of the first free session Austin Morell Training offers and actually get to know the person you are going to spend a lot of time with, so when the time comes you find yourself happy to train and feel a sense of commitment and respect to them.



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