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How to define the muscles. Diet, routine and tips

Defining muscles is one of the most common goals of gyms, along with losing weight and increasing muscle mass. But, when it comes to focusing on goals, mistakes are often made.

These may be related to the very setting of the objectives, which may be unrealistic. Or they are ascribed to the field of food or to the way of planning physical training.

In any case, these are errors derived from the lack of information that we want you to avoid with this brief bodybuilding guide.

What is muscle definition?

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Defining the muscles implies reducing the percentage of fat so that the muscle is marked, with nothing covering it. Or, at least, covered with as thin a layer as possible.

But having a defined body does not only happen by burning fat. You need to avoid losing the muscle you already have, as well as gain more muscle mass.

To do this, you have to combine an adequate diet and physical exercise focused on definition. They are the keys to showing off a body that historical and current beauty canons value, but that denotes a state of form that has an impact on health.

Can you define muscles without increasing volume?

You can hardly define muscles without increasing muscle volume, for a very simple reason: in order to define, there has to be something to define.

From the Lev centers, nutrition experts, explain that it is possible to get toned muscles without gaining much volume: with frequent meals, moderate cardiorespiratory exercise, reduced intake of carbohydrates, increased protein consumption and resistance exercises.

personal trainer in Miami will be able to adapt the training plan to your abilities, but above all to the exercises that you like to do the most.


It is common for women to request definition without increasing volume, which is also due to aesthetic criteria: a defined but slim body is preferred. 

The specialist reminds that the first step is to act against flaccidity and reduce volume, but it is not the only task to be carried out. In fact, a skinny person who removes the fat layer will show off a poor and shapeless muscular structure.

When doing strength training, we load weight that increases the tension in the fibers. This produces micro-breaks that will give rise to new, healthier and stronger ones. But this does not necessarily imply reaching large volumes.

How to have a defined body

In case you were wondering: yes, muscles can be defined quickly. But with nuances: it depends on where you start from and the time you dedicate to it.

It is generally estimated that the time it takes for a person to gain muscle is six months. Of course, you will have to regularly perform anaerobic physical activity and take care of your diet. Let’s see the keys.

Foods to define muscles

You are not going to be surprised at this point: a diet to define muscles has to be healthy and balanced. Resorting to tricks will be counterproductive: pursue health before aesthetics, because if you are constant you will end up feeling good about your image.

From the Austin Morell Training fitness club they recommend including the following foods in a healthy diet:

  • Proteins. They are involved in the generation of muscle tissue, so it is recommended to consume fish and white meat several times a week. Red meats, such as beef, should be limited to once a week.
  • Fruits and vegetables. You should consume them several times a day. Spinach, avocado, bananas and, in general, vegetables with a low glycemic index are recommended.
  • Carbohydrates. Especially recommended are quinoa and oatmeal, in addition to those provided by other foods such as olive oil and green


First block:

  • Dominated. The back and biceps are worked. It is done suspended from a platform and flexing your elbows to raise yourself up, so that your head exceeds the horizontal line where your hands are.
  • Military pressHe exercises the shoulder and triceps. It is a shoulder press in which you must raise the bar with weights from the chest and up, until the hands are completely stretched above the head.
  • Dead weight. Stimulates glutes, quadriceps and hamstrings. It is executed from the ground, bending the knees to lift the barbell with weights. Try to keep your back straight.


Second block:

  • Rowing. The position is similar to that of the deadlift, but it is executed horizontally.
  • Bench press / push-ups. You can perform the exercise on a bench and do horizontal barbell movements above your chest. Or perform the classic push-ups.
  • Squats. It is convenient that you execute them with weight and that you lower the gluteus as much as possible, until the heels.

Other tips for muscle definition

To get a toned body there are no tricks or secrets beyond perseverance. You need it to establish and establish habits, but psychology greatly influences the chances of success in achieving a toned body.

Write down some tips related to the emotional and the mental:

  • Work anxiety. She is a friend of binge eating. To combat it, learn to drive away negative thoughts, connect with people around you, do activities that you enjoy, solve problems and rest well. Going to therapy is helpful.
  • Think of it as a long-distance race. You don’t have to lose 10, 15 or 20 kilos and then start to define. You have to lose a kilo, and then another, and another, and so on. Slowly, without haste and without setbacks.
  • A healthy mind in a healthy body. The ideal thing to take on goals is to feel good about yourself and have confidence. Practices such as meditation, mindfulness or yoga can help.

Defining muscles helps to reaffirm and reshape, which favors an image according to the canons that will reinforce your self-esteem. But it also reactivates the metabolism, improves the position of the body and prevents injuries, among other benefits. You must work without haste and with perseverance.

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